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Why we developed the Love Your Anxious Child Program

As mothers, we found the limitations of most treatments currently available for childhood anxiety tended to focus on symptoms and behaviour through a mental health lens.

Your child's anxiety is so much more than that.

In our clinic, we've been able to find success, for thousands of children by looking at what’s happening in a child’s brain, body and gut, and how these areas interplay and impact on their state of mind.

We wanted to help more families outside of the clinic to achieve the same success and the Love Your Anxious Child Program was born.

It’s not your parenting

It’s not your child’s personality

There’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as witnessing your child in pain.

The kind of pain you can’t simply put a bandaid on and make go away.

It’s debilitating. Not just for your anxious child, but for your whole family.

As mothers, we tend to take on the idea that we're doing something wrong.

That it must be our parenting. It doesn’t help that mental health professionals,

teachers, even well-meaning friends, minimise our concerns.

We begin to doubt ourselves. We question our intuition.

Want to know what your anxious child's brain looks like?

What Does My Anxious Child's Brain Look Like?
Download your FREE fact sheet to discover:
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    Why your child's diagnosis isn't as important as their symptoms

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    What the different brain waves can tell you about your child

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    The three different types of anxious child brains - which one is your child?

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    Why we treat the child and not the diagnosis

Understanding your child's anxiety is the first step in treating your anxious child

Why the Love Your Anxious Child Program works

Evidence-based research has uncovered the dynamic connection between anxiety, and chronic brain, body, and gut inflammation. In simple terms, when inflammation is reduced in these areas, chronic anxiety is reduced.

Not only that, but there’s also mounting evidence to support the vital role a mother’s intuition plays in the successful treatment of her child.

The Love Your Anxious Child Program provides you with in-depth, evidence-based information on the latest known causes and effects of anxiety, guidance to reconnect to your motherly intuition, as well as simple, yet profoundly effective action steps you can take to understand and support your anxious child.

It’s all about empowering mums

Dr. Nat And Leigh creators of the anxious child program

"Life Changing"

Hear about the differences our program has made to Susy Parker and her daughter

Find out what's included in the program here

It's comprehensive but not overwhelming...

“ I’ve become a bit obsessed with the course. I’m finding everything so enlightening and starting to feel like I DO have the power to change our lives.

My drive to do this course was to find a way of helping my son now, so he doesn’t have to fear his daily life. It breaks my heart to see him go through such paralysing fear all the time. This course is showing me how to do that.

How to take control and give him the very best support. Everything I’ve learnt makes so much sense. It’s comprehensive but not overwhelming. It's positive in a way that makes me feel like I can change things, but I think you’ve both done a great job at managing a mother’s expectations too.

I know that there is no quick fix for our issues, no one answer, diagnoses or medical modality. It’s holistic, realistic and nurturing. It came at just the right time for me, when I was struggling with my confidence as a parent, feeling judged, overwhelmed and alone. I feel like I’ve been given a big virtual hug.”

- Kristen Walker, Awesome Mother

"Mum’s come to us after other treatments have failed”

The three phases of the Love Your Anxious Child program

Phase One - Love

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    REALISE - Learning to trust your mother’s intuition. The anxiety is not in your child’s head!

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    RECONNECT - Understanding builds empathy. The anxiety is not due to your child’s personality!

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    RELEASE - Building connection and belonging. The anxiety is not due to your parenting!

Phase Two - Learn

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    BRAIN - A window to your child’s brain. What does YOUR child’s brain look like?

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    BALANCE - The root cause. Inflamed gut, inflamed immune system, inflamed brain!

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    BODY - The underlying causes of fight and flight in your child.

Phase Three - Live

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    NOURISH - Food and Mood. The low inflammatory diet.

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    NURTURE - The gut/brain connection. Implementing a gut healing protocol.

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    NEUROBIOLOGY - Epigenetics! Environment plus genes = anxiety.  Let’s assess your child’s

He's a totally different kid...

“I knew something wasn’t quite right with my teenage son. He was irritable all the time, slept a lot, and would isolate himself in his room.

Dr Nat and Leigh gave me insight into what was happening from a physical point of view. I’d never even considered that. When we started implementing the changes Dr Nat and Leigh recommended, the complete about-face in his behaviour was profound. It’s like he’s a different kid altogether. Instead of locking himself away in his room, he now hangs out in the kitchen and loves to chat!

Having Dr Nat and Leigh’s support made the lifestyle transition easy. Seeing the results made it so worthwhile. It’s changed our whole family. We all feel so much better.”

- Cass Fisher, Aromatherapist

Have all your questions answered on the LIVE WEBINAR with Dr. Nat and Leigh

DATE: Thursday 29th August
TIME: 6.00pm Perth time (AWST) - 8.00pm Melbourne time (AEST)

We developed this program because we saw a desperate need to reassure mums they are amazing!

You're a great mum.

The medical industry has failed so deeply in conveying how crucial your wisdom and intuition is in your child’s healing.

Instead of honouring and validating a mother’s intuition, she often feels disempowered, minimised and helpless.

We created this program to bring the power back to its rightful place. To the one person who knows their child best, and who loves their child so fiercely.


There’s absolutely no substitute for that deep, instinctual knowing and fierce love.

From two mums to all mums, we feel you, we hear you, we are you.

We want to use our knowledge and expertise to empower you so you can provide the absolute best care for your anxious child.

Mother of an anxious child for anxious child program by Dr Natalie Challis and Leigh Shinde

Trust your intuition

What if you could do more than just manage your child’s symptoms?
The Love Your Anxious Child program shows you how you can

From angry and confused to calm and centred...

"Dr Nat and Leigh changed Harvey's life! He went from being an angry and confused little boy to being so much happier and calmer in himself. Working with Nat and Leigh on this journey was amazing. They are so kind, understanding and passionate about healing our children from the inside."

- Carmen Payne


Save US$200 - Early bird pricing closes 31 August

(Limited Seats Available)

This program is right for you if:

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    You've tried other treatments with little or no real results

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    You're tired of feeling guilty and are ready to trust your intuition again

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    You feel overwhelmed and just want clear, qualified and actionable steps

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    You want to feel heard by someone who knows exactly what you're going through

Anxiety can be more than simply managed

“We’ve worked with so many families in our clinics. We’ve helped thousands of children with anxiety. Time and time again we see worn-out families who feel as though they’ve tried everything. It’s not until we put everything together - the brain, body, and gut - that we see real improvement.”

- Dr. Natalie Challis

The connection I now have with my son is incredible...

“Having to drag my distressed son from the car to school was heartbreaking. I’d drive home in tears. His school work suffered because he was so anxious about getting anything wrong. Regular meltdowns at home had the whole family constantly walking on eggshells. It was exhausting and so very sad.

When we started working with Dr Nat and Leigh, we found the biggest challenge was the dietary changes. But with their support and guidance we persevered. We’re so glad we did.

Our son no longer suffers from anxiety. He used to be so shy. We thought that was just his personality. Now he loves meeting new kids and is so social.

I feel like I’m getting to know who my son really is for the first time. He’s calmer. I’m calmer. The connection I now have with him is just incredible.”


- Megan Fairclough, Business Owner

The Love Your Anxious Child Program includes:

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    A 6-week online-based program with a combination of live webinars and recorded lessons plus a ton of support

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    Weekly live webinars - be guided on the weekly lesson ahead, and have your questions answered by Dr. Nat and Leigh

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    In-depth, evidence-based lessons:

    • The mother imperative - what research tells us about the key role mothers play

    • Inflammation - the latest known causes and effects in the brain, body and gut

    • Brain activity - what anxiety looks like through the lens of a QEEG and how that knowledge can support you and your child

    • The gut impact - how the gut ties in with anxiety and how you can restore it using our exclusive “Gut Restore Treatment Plan”

    • Dropping the fight - learn how to transform your child’s nervous system from fight or flight, to calm and controlled

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    A Guided Action Plan that you can start implementing steps straight away

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    Mentoring and support - Dr. Nat and Leigh will be available throughout the program to answer questions and help support you to achieve your action plan at home

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    Community - be part of an exclusive Facebook community group full of caring mums just like you sharing a similar journey with their child. Use it to share your experiences, wins, ask questions, and be supported by Dr. Nat and Leigh 


We’ve invited guest experts in the brain-body connection, to share their knowledge and resources with you throughout the program.


We've added 4 BONUS weeks of support to ensure you have everything you need to implement what you have learned. This includes weekly live Q&A webinars with Dr. Nat & Leigh plus continued access to the private Facebook group.

Program begins 17 September 2019

Early bird price US$797

Reservations after 31 August US$997

Or 3 monthly payments of US$275

Reservations after 31 August US$997

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are 100% confident in the results that are possible from our program. This is why we are comfortable offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you do not fall completely in love with the program in the first 30-days, you can leave and we will refund your payment(s) and cancel your subscription.

The health of your child and your satisfaction in the program is genuinely important to us.

Achieve real results

and bring your family back to joy and wellbeing


Think about how much time you spend when your child experiences anxiety. In the long run, this program will bring your time back, and release the heartache.

Have all your questions answered on the LIVE WEBINAR with Dr. Nat and Leigh

DATE: Thursday 29th August
TIME: 6.00pm Perth time (AWST) - 8.00pm Melbourne time (AEST)

Dr Natalie Challis B.Bus (HRM/Psych), D(Couns), QEEGD, MISNR, MACA, MANSA

Dr Challis is a specialist in children’s brain health. She is a Board-Certified Diplomate in QEEG - the highest qualification level achievable globally in her field.

As a Psychotherapist specialising in Neurobiology, Dr Challis has QEEG mapped 1000’s of children, allowing parents the unique experience of seeing into their child’s brain. This view helps parents to understand the neurological reasons why their child experiences fear, anxiety and avoidance.

She has helped parents discover powerful solutions, resulting in their child feeling more self-confident, more socially confident, and more success centred.  What she is most passionate about is re-establishing a peaceful home environment, and restoring the joy and love of the mother-child connection.

Book a one hour session with Dr Natalie - US$250

Leigh Shinde B.Sc. Grad. Dip Human Nutrition, ACNEM

Leigh is a children’s Neuro-Nutrition Expert. She holds a Bachelor of Science with postgraduates in both Human Nutrition, and Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

As a Neuro-Nutritionist she investigates how food, additives, nutritional deficiencies, gut health and genetics can impact on your child’s neurological and physiological development.

After seeing the benefits that diet and natural supplementation can have on anxiety in 1000’s of children within our clinic she is motivated and passionate about sharing this knowledge to mothers of children with anxiety across the world.

Book a one hour session with Leigh - US$175

I would hate to think what life for Cooper would be like without Dr Nat and Leigh...

"I came to Dr Nat and Leigh in early 2013 with my son Cooper who was 3 years old.  At that stage I could only have described our life as absolute chaos.  I had been to numerous doctors, OT’s, osteopaths, paediatricians and done so much internet research and still had no answers as to what was going on. I felt like I had lost my beautiful little boy and had no idea why. Life was completely out of control.  At that point in time I was absolutely convinced that Cooper would need to be home schooled, there was no way he was going to be able to attend school due to his behaviour and anxiety.

After the diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder and an intensive 8 week program including visits to the centre and work to do at home, our lives did a complete 180 degree turn.  Some of the issues we were dealing with at home completely disappeared during this time.  Cooper started kindy the following year and we have maintained regular visits with the staff since 2013.

Dr Nat and Leigh provided assistance to us in so many ways.  It’s not just the physical therapy they provide Cooper that has helped our family.  It’s the education and knowledge they provide me that gives me to ability to support Cooper at home.  They’ve given me an understanding of Cooper’s diagnosis, and what it means for him along with the tools to help him. Knowing I can pick up the phone or email at any time to ask questions is very reassuring.  I never feel alone or like I don’t know where to go when things aren’t going well.

Dr Nat and Leigh have quite literally changed our lives.  They are always available to help whenever it’s needed and have absolutely gone above and beyond to provide assistance to myself and Cooper. I honestly would hate to think what life for Cooper would be like if we hadn’t found them."

- Catherine Iervese, Personal Assistant