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Love Your Beautiful Brain

A whole body approach to supporting your anxious child.

Where evidence based research meets compassion and understanding.

Want to know what your anxious child's brain looks like?

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    Why your child's diagnosis isn't as important as their symptoms

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    What the different brain waves can tell you about your child

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    The three different types of anxious child brains - which one is your child?

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    Why we treat the child and not the diagnosis

Understanding your child's anxiety is the first step in treating your anxious child and restoring them to their true self

Do you have a child who suffers from anxiety or depression?

It’s such a heart wrenching situation. It’s as though you feel every ounce of your child’s suffering. Yet with all the information and status quo out there, you can’t get the help you so desperately need.

Your child is still suffering.

You’re still suffering.

Dr. Nat and Leigh

You can’t always think yourself better.

Most solutions or treatments out there today are heavily focused on the psychology.

The reality is, there are other significant factors which attribute to anxiety.

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Why Love Your Beautiful Brain?

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We’ve been running our children’s clinic for many years now. We’ve treated 1000’s of children and witnessed the heartache and frustration so many mothers go through.

We’re frustrated, too.

We’re frustrated by how the medical industry minimises and discredits mother’s intuition.

We’re frustrated because so much emphasis is placed on psychology, rather than looking at what’s going on biologically.

“We achieve real results when we reduce inflammation in the brain, body and gut. Children become calmer and happier, because their whole body is literally calmer and cooler.”

We want to create an accessible platform for mothers who can’t get to our clinic.

We want to provide all the information. We want to help mother’s see the full picture.

About the Love Your Anxious Child Program

Our signature program is designed to give mothers evidence based knowledge and actionable steps to support and treat their anxious child.

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    It’s not about your parenting.

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    It’s about understanding the connection between the brain, body and gut.

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    It’s about trusting your intuition.

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    Empowering warrior mum’s with the right information.

Our program covers all the latest research on brain, body and gut health, and how these affect behaviour when they’re not functioning as they should. You’ll see what a healthy and balanced brain, body and gut looks like, and then how these areas present in a child with anxiety.

Not only that but we give you clear, actionable steps you can take to begin to truly make a difference in the treatment and support of your child.

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Learn more about our Love Your Anxious Child Program

More balanced in every aspect...

"We came to see Dr Nat and Leigh because our son was struggling with anxiety.  The before and after difference is astounding. Dr Nat and Leigh helped understand the challenges he faces, and gave us some relatively simple changes to help him. From the beginning, we witnessed a rapid and positive change. He is so much more balanced in every aspect, and happier within himself. Their integrated approach to care is an exemplar of how all care should be. My wife and I can't recommend them highly enough. We will be forever grateful to Dr Nat and Leigh.”

- Shaun Procter, Software Engineer

Learn more about our Love Your Anxious Child Program